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JS Engineering Design Ltd. can provide two different types of structural inspections. The notes below may assist you to decide on what is most appropriate for your circumstances. If you are still unsure, do please call us on 01768 890261 or
click here to email and our engineers will be able to give you further assistance. The Company is based in Cumbria in north west England.
  Specific problem inspections
This is appropriate where a surveyor or a valuer has carried out a survey and has noted a structural defect they consider needs a structural engineer to advise on. Examples of this are: -

cracks and bulges in walls.
excessive deformation of floors or roofs
potential subsidence.

We will inspect the problem and give our view on whether the problem is significant and if so, what the likely cause is, and what remedial action should be taken. A copy of the report undertaken by the valuer is useful to ensure we cover the concerns raised.

The time on site is likely to be between 1 and 2 hours.

  General structural inspections.
This is appropriate where an initial survey has not been undertaken.

We will inspect the property and comment on the general condition of the visible building structure. This will include the following:-

Roof and internal roof spaces (where these can be accessed)
External and Internal walls.
Floors, ceilings and stairs.

We can only comment on structure that is not hidden - we cannot drill holes or lift carpets, floor boards or move furniture, unless this is organised in advance. The term Structural Survey is usually undertaken by Chartered Surveyors, which we are not. A Structural Survey is carried out by Chartered Surveyors who may cover other items as follows:

Joinery - the condition of doors, windows and fitted cupboards.

Decorations - the condition of paint, wallpaper, floor coverings, tiling etc.

Services - the condition of electrical apparatus, water pipes, and fittings, drainage and gas pipes, alarm systems etc.

Other matters - the legal status of the property and boundaries, planning implications, easements and restrictions, ownership of access roads, mains drainage and other services.

Valuations - the present market value of the property and the cost of rebuilding for insurance purposes.

It would be fair to say that Chartered Surveyors are not specialist in terms of the structure of the building or the causes of any potential defects. They may well, if faced with a potential structural defect, suggest that a structural engineer undertakes an inspection and report on the problem.
  Our standard service does not cover the above mentioned additional items which may be provided by a report undertaken by Chartered Surveyors, but our brief can be extended to cover some of the above items if required. However, we are not able to carry out property valuations.
  Our time on site is likely to be between 2 and 3 hours.
  Notes in relation to both types of inspections.
  Qualifications and Experience
Structural inspections are carried out by John Symons, a Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers (M.I. Struct. E.) and a Chartered Structural Engineer (C. Eng). Structural inspections are a regular part of his work and we carry out structural inspections for local authorities, large commercial companies, housing associations and domestic clients. Please see
About us for more details. Click here to read what some of our clients have said about us.
We hold public liability insurance of 5,000,000 and professional indemnity insurance of 1,000,000.
  Site equipment
Our engineers carry the necessary equipment and ladders which (in most circumstances) should enable loft access. If the property is unlit we can bring lighting but please advise beforehand.
  Costs of repairs
As structural engineers, if remedial action, such as underpinning, is required, we can provide an engineering design service for the necessary works. Please see
Our services for further details. We would be happy to provide you with a quotation.
Two copies of our report are included in the standard price.
We can undertake inspections with or without the property owner being present. However, even if the problem is external, we would always need to carry out an inspection of the interior of the property. Keys can be collected from neighbours or nearby estate agents if needed. We always carry some form of identification.
Specific problem inspections are cheaper than general structural inspections owing to the significantly less time involved. Prices quoted are excluding V.A.T. but do include travel and printing costs. There are NO other extras.
JS Engineering Design Ltd. will:

Send a fully qualified Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers to report on your property.

Offer different types of inspections, for your different needs.

Give you a price with no hidden extras, (except VAT).

Supply additional engineering design services should you need them.

Provide you with specialist structural advice for your property.

Although we can undertake structural inspections thoughout the U.K., please note that all our engineers are Cumbria-based and the quoted price will reflect travelling from Cumbria.

JS Engineering Design Ltd., The Office, Mardale Rd., Penrith, Cumbria, U.K. CA11 9EH.

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